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Los Angeles Septic to Sewer Conversion

Los Angeles Septic Tank Pumping Service Gallery

         If problems with your existing septic system are too extensive and you don't want the worry of replacing it then converting that failed or failing septic system to a municipal sewer line connection may be the best option for you.

Why Convert from Septic to Sewer?

         Septic systems have limited lifespans and are often seen as temporary wastewater treatment solutions. A few advantages to septic system conversion might be:

  • Value of home will increase
  • No yard saturation
  • Sewers require no maintenance
  • No potential of unpleasant odors

Free Bid Proposal

        We offer a free bid proposal and/or design consultation for your septic to sewer conversion needs. Please also feel free to browse any of our other websites exploring the various divisions of Prieto Engineering and look into some of the services we can provide for you. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.